Megan's Grade 8 Grad

And so a blog is born. The name @PeacewithGod was Dan’s idea. He didn’t want to change his email address when we were changing internet providers.  We kicked the name around for a while and decided that maybe someday we would use the name @PeacewithGod for something more than just an email address.


So here we are.  I’m not too sure what this will look like or how it will all come together, but thought that starting to record some of the things that we go through in life and in ministry might be a good thing.


Like last night. We went to a graduation party.  Not just any graduation party, but a very special one to us.  Haylee is a close friend of both our daughters and worked with me for one semester of school this year as a coop student.  She’s a joy to be around and we’re going to miss her dearly this fall as she heads off to college. So we celebrated Haylee graduating high school.  We also celebrated Megan graduating grade 8 and getting ready to head off to high school.  I’m still incredibly emotional when it comes to Megan.  Megan was in a very scary accident on February 6th this year where the vehicle she was in rolled through a fence and fell over 10 feet landing upside down in the icy rushing water of the Trent River.  By the hand of God she’s here today graduating from grade 8 with a big smile on her face. I love it! (Megan’s standing in the middle of our family in this picture)


It’s a bit of a crazy week in our household as we celebrate two graduations, Dan is preparing to officiate a wedding this weekend and is also in the midst of preparing for a memorial service.  Happiness and sorrow mixed together.  New beginnings mixed with endings.  We celebrate with those who celebrate and we mourn with those who mourn.


What better way to top that off than to start a blog in that same week?  It’s something that’s been on my heart for a while, but seeing as I’m not a professional writer or anything close to that, I’ve held back thinking that maybe a blog or a book will come at some point in the future.  Every journey starts with a step right?  Well, here’s baby step number one!


Be blessed.